The sacrament of Confirmation

A Christian’s Baptism is confirmed in the Sacrament of Confirmation. Young people who were Baptised as infants, whose commitment was made on their behalf by parents and God-parents, now have an opportunity to affirm their own commitment to Christ and His Church.

As Confirmation is usually administered to young people by a Bishop, the timing of the Confirmation Preparation Programme is dependent on the date of a Bishop’s visitation.

Young people in Year 7 at school will be invited through announcements in church to collect a form from church and apply for a place on the programme.

The 2021 programme has been seriously affected by Covid restrictions. Updates will be available via notices read out in church and the Parish Newsletter. Newly-baptised adults or those newly received into full communion with the Catholic Church are usually Confirmed at the same celebration – typically (in non-Covid times) the Easter Vigil. For adults, this is part of the Adult initiation programme.