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Online Booking at St. Chad's

Starting Palm Sunday weekend i.e. Saturday 27th March 6.30pm Mass, anyone intending to come to a Weekend Mass (Sat 6.30pm, Sunday 8.30,10.00,11.30am & 6.00pm) Should book online beforehand.

You will need to book every time for each weekend.

People who are without internet access can phone 07309 750996. A booking will be made for you. This number can also be used to cancel a booking.

If the phone is not answered please leave a message including your:
a) Full Name, b) Phone number, c) Time and d) Date of the Mass/ service you plan to attend and e) how many people are coming with you (same bubble).

Only 36 bookings will be accepted for each Mass / Service.

Each booking can be for 1 person or up to 4 people. This reflects the number and size of Covid-safe spaces in the church.

All the people who are booked into a space must already be sharing a household bubble. You may only book or sit with people who share an existing bubble with you – usually people who live in the same house as you.

People who arrive at Mass who haven’t booked will be asked to wait outside until the booked people have arrived, or until just after the start of the service where you will be invited to take the booked place of someone who hasn’t shown up. If there are any.

Bookings expire once Mass starts. Booked places which are not occupied by the start of Mass will be offered to people who turn up without booking.

Everyone will need to book in for each Mass they hope to attend.

Weekday Masses -9.30 (and Saturday 10.00am) do not require booking.

Next Weekend's Booking Forms

Saturday Evening 6.30 17th April
Sunday 8.30am Mass 18th April
Sunday 10.00a.m. 18th April
Sunday 11.30a.m. 18th April   
Sunday 6.00p.m.  18th April 

Live on-line streaming of Mass from St. Chad's:

Information: We are glad to inform everyone of you that live-stream of liturgical celebrations at St. Chad’s Church, South Norwood, is now possible. The live-stream pieces equipment have been successfully installed.

All you need to do is go to here:

You are welcome to log in and join.

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